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Same Donation, Twice The Impact

Celebrate Matching Gift Month by seeing if your employer will double your donation!

Have you ever wondered if your place of work makes charitable donations?

What if you and your employer could both give back to your community? This month, we want to help you grow your impact by doubling your donation.

Over 26 million individuals work for companies that offer matching gift programs. Simply put, when you donate to a charity, your employer will match your gift.

An estimated $4-$7 billion in matching gift funds goes unclaimed every year. Many donors are unaware that their employers offer this kind of program, and those who are aware often don't know how to apply. That's where Double the Donation comes in! Through their extensive gift-matching database, they can tell you if you are eligible in just a few clicks.

  • Go to Workplace Giving, scroll down, and select "Search Now" under Employee Matching Funds

  • Type in your company's name and click "Let's Check"

  • If your company is listed, you will see information on their matching program and a button to fill out a form to complete your matched gift!

That's it!

Workplace giving makes a difference for our organization year-round. Through Double the Donation, your gift will create twice the impact on your community!


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