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Mission Partners

What is a Mission Partner?

Our Mission Partners program boosts your church or organization's impact! We value community partnerships and want to support you in achieving your goals. Let us identify your core values and create a customized plan that highlights and promotes them. This will foster stronger connections within your congregation or employees and inspire them with the tangible impact they can make.

Mission Partner

Church Engagement

Oliver Gospel works side by side with churches to fulfill Jesus’ commission to spread the good news and bring His grace and truth to the world.


Encourage your small groups to volunteer at Oliver Gospel. Build relationships with our guests and strengthen friendships within your church. Contact Kara to get started.

Business Partnerships

Oliver Gospel mission partners get people back to work. Consider how your business might partner with Oliver Gospel to make a difference.


Sponsoring an event is a great way to help the homeless and bring valuable exposure to your business at the same time. Event sponsors will be recognized in a variety of ways.

Interested? Contact us below!

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