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Getting There: Tamara's Story

Just when Tamara thought she'd have to overcome ANOTHER obstacle, God graced her with a gift to keep her on the move.

Tamara’s hands trembled from uncertainty as she picked up the phone to call Oliver Gospel. She had just left her home, uncertain of what she may face in the future. With no family to call and a fear of burdening her friends, she felt like there was nowhere else to turn.

When she called Oliver Gospel, a light began to shine through the darkness she was facing. Tamara soon found herself among the community of women at Toby’s Place.

Months later, when her work hours shifted and she could no longer catch the free public bus, Tamara feared she would lose her job. She would have to spend her hard-earned money on transportation to and from work.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Tamara was awarded one of Oliver Gospel’s Transportation Scholarships, providing her with funds to use a ride-sharing service to get to work. Now she can save the money she makes at work to buy a house for her and her daughter, an important goal she has set for her future.

“The transportation scholarship helps me get to work without worrying about how I’m going to get home because the bus doesn’t run at night. It helps me be safe. I can take that money I was spending on Lyft and put it in my bank account.”

Opportunities like the Transportation Scholarship give women like Tamara the second chance they need to maintain their jobs and careers. Consider donating today so that you can provide transportation for one of our residents in need.

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