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Transforming Lives Together

We are committed to helping people who are experiencing homelessness and addiction in our city change their lives. Thanks to the support of friends like you, we meet their needs through emergency services, rehabilitation, transitional programs, and community outreach.

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Emergency Services

When someone is experiencing homelessness, the only thing on their mind is whether they will be safe through the night or where they will find their next meal. The first step toward life transformation is opening up our doors as a safe place for those two basic needs: food and shelter. 

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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Access to basic needs like food, showers, clean restrooms, and safe shelter can be challenging to find for those experiencing homelessness, addiction, or loss. Our Emergency Services present unique opportunities to meet the holistic needs of everyone that walks through our doors. 


Meeting the basic needs of food and shelter jumpstarts meaningful relationships with our neighbors, so that we can guide them to life-long hope and transformation. 

Emergency Services provided at Oliver Gospel

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Overnight Shelter

Chapel Services

Guest Services

Refresh Program

Our Refresh program is for men who may need a bed, shower, or a hot meal. After enjoying a warm, home-cooked meal, nightly chapel services provide spiritual enrichment, encouraging them to take the right next step on their journey toward transformation. The components of our Refresh Program are: 

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A clean, warm bed reserved for them each night

Showers and basic hygiene products

New clothes

Two fresh-prepared meals each day (breakfast & dinner) 

A time of encouragement during chapel services led by staff or community volunteers 


For those living in poverty, the difficulty of their situation often leads to coping by abusing substances and perpetuates the poverty - a vicious cycle. Through our Recovery Program, we seek to restore hope and stability to men struggling with addiction and poverty.


Recovery Program

Substance abuse can easily result in homelessness. And homelessness lends itself to a greater dependency on drugs and alcohol. Motivated by our faith, we help men overcome the struggles that have kept them in a cycle of addiction and equip them with the necessary tools, education, and counseling to be positive contributors to our community.


Our Recovery Program provides: 

Three meals a day

Dormitory-style housing

Classes to develop life and work skills

Career and housing readiness

Coping & Recovery tools

Case management

Faith-centered counseling

Spiritual enrichment

Opportunities to build a support system through fitness groups, local churches, and Oliver Gospel staff 

Our Recovery Program is for men only. If you are a female, single mother, or family unit seeking help, contact us at and we can assist you.

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Transitional Programs

Our transitional programs provide the resources and support individuals need to recover from the hardship and trials life throws at them. We seek to connect and equip our guests to live stable and fruitful lives.

Transitioal Programs

Transitional Programs

We provide temporary housing, life development skills, and emotional support for men, women, and women with children experiencing poverty and homelessness.


Our Rebuild program is designed to assist men in overcoming barriers that prevent them from finding safe and sustainable housing. These men stay in dormitories for six months, where food, spiritual guidance, and life skills education equip them to maintain employment and save for future housing.


Toby's Place provides safe, hotel-style housing for single women or mothers who are experiencing poverty or homelessness. With meals, safe shelter, spiritual enrichment, life-skill courses, and case management, we seek to help these women restore broken pieces in their life and provide a beacon of hope for their future.

Toby's Place does not have an Addiction Recovery or Emergency Shelter program, but refer to this sheet for recommendations. If you need more assistance, contact our Connections Manager at (803) 254-6470 ext. 1020 or

Transforming Lives Every Day

Your support changes the lives of men, women and children every day.
Thank you for partnering with us to help people in need.

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