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Leave a Lasting Impact with Oliver Gospel!

Start the new year right by taking 20 minutes to create your will through our partnership with GiftWise.

The New Year is here and with it, opportunities for new beginnings and fresh starts!

Whatever you resolve, one thing’s for sure. If you want to accomplish your resolution, you need to start now. If the last few years have taught us anything, the unexpected can, and will, happen.

If you’ve never made a will or haven’t updated it for years, it’s important to get one done. Having a will can give you peace of mind in ensuring your financial home is in order, and your generosity will make a great impact far into the future, even after you’re gone.

Most people know they need a will. Many never write one because it just feels too overwhelming. That’s where we can help out.

Through our partnership with GiftWise, you now have access to an online platform where you can quickly, easily and affordably make a legally binding will and even designate an estate gift to Oliver Gospel at no extra cost. In less than 20 minutes, you can:

· Create a will

· Leave a gift of any size to Oliver Gospel

· Assure a meaningful legacy for your family

Get started on your will right here!

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