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Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving allows employees to give directly to Oliver Gospel through their payroll or as a matching gift. Most of these options are offered to full-time employees, part-time employees or retirees. It's a great way for your employer to support the community they serve and engage employees in unique and meaningful ways!

Workplace Giving

Some Companies Who Participate


Workplace Giving Options

Employer Matching Funds

Many employers offer a dollar-for-dollar match (up to a certain amount) when you give to Oliver Gospel. This DOUBLES your gift and impact.

Employee Advised Funds

Some employers have special funds set aside designated to select charitable organizations like Oliver Gospel.

Workplace Drives

Partner with your coworkers in collecting items or money to impact more people in need, TOGETHER.

Volunteer Grants

Have you volunteered with Oliver Gospel or want to? Some employers will grant money to Oliver Gospel for YOU serving out guests.

Payroll Deductions

What's better than donating to charity before your paycheck hits your bank account? Check with your employer to see if they can deduct a charitable donation from your paycheck and send to Oliver Gospel on your behalf.

Corporate Giving

Are you a business owner? We have multiple opportunities throughout the year to sponsor events or programs as a corporate partner.


Contact Kristy, at (803) 254-6470 ext. 1110 or send an email to learn more about how a gift from payroll could ease your giving and transform lives through the power of Christ’s love!

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Kristy McLellan​ | Director of Development
(803) 254-6470 ext. 1110

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