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New Beginnings: Mary's Story

Mary refused to let her past define what her future could be.

The pain was familiar, Mary thought to herself, but this was the final straw. Mary was trapped in yet another abusive relationship. How did she end up here…again? Little did she know that God was about to turn her story of pain into one of resilience and beauty.

As a child, Mary was abused by her father. As a teen, she was sexually assaulted multiple times, and as a result, she was pregnant at the young age of 13. After moving to South Carolina in her twenties, Mary became trapped in yet another abusive relationship that resulted in an unplanned pregnancy.

Mary’s life never had a chance to begin before it was stripped away from her. Pregnant, alone, and hurting, she left her home to find solace at a domestic abuse shelter, where she would give birth to her daughter. Two weeks later, Mary and her new baby found a home at Toby’s Place.

“The moment I got out of the car, they were happy to see me, and I could feel the love. I could feel God here... it brought me to tears that night just thinking about it.”

Mary was safe, loved, and cared for at Toby’s Place. The community of women allowed her to raise her daughter, establish healthy relationships, and begin pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher. Toby’s Place was full of new beginnings for Mary – a chance to start over and become who she was created to be.

Mary graduated from our program in January and moved back home, where family and friends welcomed her back. A place once filled with trauma has become an opportunity for her new beginning.

“When all hope was lost, I got a second chance, and now I can have my life again.”

You can help women like Mary find their new beginnings at Oliver Gospel by donating $25. This provides two nights of shelter, plus food, care, and safety for women and their children. By committing to give $25 monthly, you can provide transformation to even more women in need.

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