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From Lost to Loved: Maxwell's Story

Maxwell thought he had lost everything, but his faith proved stronger than his fears.

As Maxwell walked through the doors of Oliver Gospel for the first time, he couldn’t help but feel scared. He was used to being alone, but now, in a new city surrounded by new peers, his faith was near a breaking point.

Maxwell’s wife passed away two years ago. She meant everything to him; he had already lost his parents at an early age, and the relationship with his siblings was nonexistent.

“That put me in a tailspin. I went to drinking hard and blaming God for it.”

Unable to hold a job due to his addiction, Maxwell found himself living on the streets. His health rapidly declined from malnutrition, substance abuse, and depression. His spiral put him in a local hospital where he almost met his death, but God would not allow his story to end there.

Maxwell was recommended to Oliver Gospel by a hospital staff member. The Mission offered a fresh start for someone who had been left alone for most of his life. Initially, he thought it was a terrible idea.

Despite his hesitations, he reluctantly began programming, and soon Maxwell began to understand the vision God was creating for him. Within a month, he felt he was already putting his best foot forward.

“When I first came to Oliver Gospel, I didn’t know why I was here. As it progressed, it was tough. Now, I have done a complete turnaround.”

Maxwell feels motivated, inspired, and hopeful. He enjoys learning about his health and strengthening his relationship with the Lord through our faith-based programming. He aims to secure and hold a full-time job, get his driver's license, and continuously attend church.

As the cost of living continues to rise, your donation to Oliver Gospel is needed now more than ever. By making your donation monthly, you sustain the life-changing transformation that helps men like Maxwell rediscover their love for the life around them.

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