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New at Toby's Place: Pre-Program

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

There are always exciting things happening at Oliver Gospel! In March, we launched a brand-new program within Toby’s Place: Pre-Program. This program is designed to meet immediate needs for women experiencing homelessness in Columbia by providing shelter, food, healthcare support, and doors to hope and transformation.

After we launched, a young woman (not pictured) came into the program with her child who was not-yet diagnosed with autism and had no access to the health services for her and her child. Through Pre-Program, she was connected to the resources and diagnosis she needed to help her child, and she moved into our long-term program to continue growing spiritually, emotionally, and mentally!

This story is a great example of the need that Pre-Program fills. Pre-Program is short-term. By structuring it as a temporary bed (30 days maximum), we can meet their basic, immediate needs in 24 hours. For some, this is all they need to get back on their feet. Others, like this mother and her autistic child, need the support of a longer program but are unaware of where to begin.

When asked how this program will affect our community, our Connections Manager said,

We will not be able to stop poverty in the world but will be able to break generational poverty and move individuals and families to holistic transformation.”

This is the heart of why we develop these programs: creating spaces where transformation can happen.


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