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Happy Mother's Day!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Happy Mother's Day! One of the greatest joys here at Oliver Gospel is to see mothers reunited with their children. Today, we celebrate these strong women for their bravery, their resiliency, and their love.

This past Friday, all the women at our center for women and children, Toby's Place, celebrated one another with massages, facials, nails—the whole nine yards! While this may seem like a simple thing, the joy of community and celebration is bursting out of the place. The point is, we are designed for community and for celebration. Toby's Place is home to many, and our heart's desire is to cultivate community and celebration in this home, so that when they leave, they may continue to cultivate these things in every future home.

Celebration is not just for our guests! We welcome all from the community to join us in cultivating joy in our facilities! A wonderfully generous and thoughtful donor in our community put together Mother's Day gift bags for the staff and residents at Toby's Place. Filled with self-care items, such as lotions and nail care, sweet treats, and prayer cards, these gift bags are a creative example of ways that our

community expresses generosity.

To all the mothers - we celebrate you today. You are brave. You are strong. You are loved.

Want to get involved with cultivating community and celebration with Oliver Gospel? Learn more here or reach out to our Community Engagement Coordinator here to get connected!

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