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Generosity: The Domino Effect

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Shamaria had been living in a motel for a year after fleeing an unhealthy relationship, and her mental health had taken a beating. She was in survival mode, working two to three jobs, taking care of her kids, and just trying to make ends meet, leaving no room to take care of herself.

Throughout that year in the motel, Shamaria focused solely on meeting the needs of everyone around her and sought comfort in material things, thinking that it would cure the darkness she felt.

The Lord had been knocking on her heart for some time, asking her to let Him bring healing and light into her life. When she answered the Lord, she realized that her past pursuits were leaving her unfulfilled. She needed help. That is when she surrendered. And in that surrender, she found Toby’s Place.

Shamaria says the biggest thing she has learned since coming here is the importance of taking care of herself. The structure and resources provided in the program have brought healing and growth for Shamaria, allowing her to care for her kids in a way that doesn’t sacrifice her own mental health. She has found the space to unpack a lot of the burdens she had been carrying for too long. The generosity of the staff at Oliver Gospel has brought the healing and light that Shamaria was desperate to find.

“It’s like a domino effect…because of the generosity of Oliver Gospel and the staff here, I can be generous with my kids. I can be more patient and understanding and establish a relationship with them where we all communicate openly and healthily with each other.”

Not only is Shamaria establishing healthy relationships with her kids, but she is also extending encouragement and support to the other women at Toby’s Place! She is thrilled to share the tools that she has been given through our program with anyone who needs them. She is living out the domino effect of generosity!

May each of us learn from what Shamaria so wisely realizes—it is through showing generosity that we empower others to be generous.

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