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Let Go and Let God: Nathaniel's Story

Enrolling in a recovery program far from home can be challenging, but God had prepared Nathaniel for the test.

Nathaniel looked at his siblings with fear in his eyes. Every detox center in his city was full. His life was spiraling, and he was running out of options.

“Lord, what do I do now? I need help.”

He grew up in a healthy home, but after his parents passed away, the love of his older sisters could not relieve his grief. He was lonely and angry, and he turned to substance for answers. He never expected his decisions would destroy his relationship with his siblings.

Family was everything to Nathaniel, and it broke his sisters’ hearts to see him struggle with addiction. Despite their disappointment in his choices, they agreed to help him find help.

Together, they found Oliver Gospel’s Recovery Program, and soon the counselors and staff welcomed Nathaniel with open arms, treating him as one of their own. The hope and care he received strengthened his relationship with God and his family, who are so proud of his progress.

Nathaniel learned to create healthy, sustainable habits and to forgive himself for the decisions of his past. He graduated from the Recovery Program in February and entered the Career Phase, proud of his new relationship with the Lord.

“The mission taught me to start my day off with God. Let go of myself and ask God for direction.”

Nathaniel has found restoration, hope, joy, and life through the power of Christ’s love and thanks to the generosity of partners like you.

It only costs $12.50 to provide a night of safety, nourishment, and care for a neighbor like Nathaniel.

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