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No Longer Alone: Cody's Story

Have you ever changed the course of your life?

Cody did.

Cody is an orphan. With no real place to call home and no close family left, he was forced to live on the streets or bounce from shelter to shelter. To numb the pain and make some money, Cody began using and selling drugs.

His addiction drowned out reality, causing a constant fog to consume his mind. Cody walled up his heart and didn’t allow himself to feel his emotions. He could faintly see the path his drug addiction was taking him, but his pride didn’t let him admit that he was in danger.

“I was extremely reserved and shut down. My ego ruled my life.”

He felt he would amount to nothing if something didn’t change.

This summer, as Cody slept outside the Post Office on Assembly Street, he watched the men come and go from Oliver Gospel. He wondered what it might be like to ask for help, to lay down his ego, and to clear the fog in his mind.

A week later, Cody stayed at Oliver Gospel for the first time. He stayed in our 30-day program, Refresh, not fully convinced that he wanted help. But to his surprise, he started to build relationships with the staff and residents. Two of our residents, Darren and Clay, made a big impact on Cody. They helped him to see that letting go of pride and addiction could change his life. They encouraged him to join them in the Recovery program.

When he began the Recovery program at Oliver Gospel, it wasn’t just about having a place to stay. He decided he was done living the way he had been and wanted a chance to start over. Oliver Gospel gave him that.

Cody knew God existed, but all his life, he didn’t feel any connection with Him or know how to follow Him. Through the community he found at Oliver Gospel, the course of his life was changed. He was freed from addiction through the power of Christ’s love.

In October, Cody decided to follow Jesus.

“Knowing Jesus is like when you know someone has your back…I don’t have to be so wound up, worried, or concerned about things anymore.”

He has learned that with Jesus and with sobriety, he can focus, think, and feel again. He is no longer an orphan. He is a child of God. His heart has been opened to give and receive love from Jesus and the community around him. And he is ready to share it with anyone who will listen!

“I want to be the kind of person who helps someone without thinking about it. I want to have the courage to step up and serve others.”

There are many men like Cody who need a place to practice sobriety, grow in the community around them, and find hope in Jesus. Consider supporting these men today by clicking the button below:

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