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Graduation Celebration: Adrian

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

If you have been in the Oliver Gospel community for long, you know that we LOVE to celebrate here! Graduating from our programs is a huge milestone in a person's life. It is an opportunity to look back and see how far they have come and to rejoice over all they have learned and accomplished.

At the beginning of this year, Adrian graduated from Toby's Place. Her dad, sister, and friends came to celebrate with us and share testimonies of the transformation they have seen in Adrian's life.

Since 18, Adrian had battled depression, drug use, and abusive relationships, as well as losing her mom to cancer. Adrian tested positive for marijuana at the birth of her second son. DSS stepped in and removed him and her older son, from her custody when her baby was just 6 weeks old. Adrian came to Toby's Place at the end of 2020. She had an open DSS case with her two oldest children and was 38 weeks pregnant with her twins.

She arrived at Toby's 5 days before her twins were born.

Even though she was clean and sober, DSS took the twins because she need to prove her stability. At that point, Adrian felt hopeless.

"I basically fell on my hands and knees and said 'I can't do this anymore' and that is when God stepped in and ultimately saved my life."

The Lord heard her prayer, and she miraculously got a court hearing a day after that prayer. That court hearing resulted in Adrian regaining custody of her twins and weekend visits with her older sons.

On March 11th, 2021, Adrian received full custody of all four of her children.

Before Toby's Place, Adrian was stressed, tired, and scared. When she arrived, the staff and residents at Toby's Place instantly became family. She felt safe and ready to deliver her twins.

"Having that tight knit community was so appreciated."

She has learned not only how to be a better mom, but also a woman of God, through the classes and relationships at Toby's Place. They allowed Adrian be independent and grow at her own pace. She loves that people from all over the Midlands come to teach as well because it builds connections outside of just Toby's Place. Since Adrian came to Toby's Place, she has also slowly repaired her relationship with her dad. To have his presence and words at her graduation was so meaningful.

Back in November, Adrian participated in the Through Our Eyes Project photo contest. Her picture of her son won 1st place out of over 500 pictures! Adrian received a gas gift card, as well as a large canvas print of the winning photo as a prize.

Adrian worked in the nursery during her time at Toby's Place. She realized how important donations are to the operations. Food, nursery items, clothes, and so many other things are vital to help the women and children thrive and succeed at Toby's Place. If you are interesting in donating supplies to Toby's Place, check out our Amazon Wishlist or reach out to our Community Engagement Coordinator for more information!

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