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Living Out the Gospel

Our core value of faith has inspired and motivated Oliver Gospel to share the Good News of Jesus to those struggling with poverty and homelessness since 1888. The Body of Christ has many diverse parts, and Oliver Gospel is only one portion of the Body. Local church partnerships are essential to seeing transformation occur in people's lives by bringing the unique talents, perspectives, and resources to the journey of transformation.  

Churc Engagement

How to Get Involved With Us

1) Serve Together

We believe that life transformation only happens when a community rallies together to make life change happen! Volunteers are essential partners that help meet the physical needs of our guests by providing food or clothing, helping sort donations received, or assisting in spiritual formation.

2) Care Drive

Oliver Gospel provides for the physical needs of our community by receiving in-kind donations from community partners like you! We encourage you to initiate a Care Drive that focuses on collecting essential needs as such food (commercial #10 cans preferred if canned goods), clothing items, and hygiene products. For a full list of what we take, click here.

3) Prayer Partner

As an organization that is motivated by and value our faith, we believe that prayer shifts our guests' circumstances in ways that we could have never imagined. We would love for your church to pray for our community, guests, volunteers, and staff.

4) Partner Financially 

Some of our most faithful and impactful financial partners of Oliver Gospel are local churches. Our financial partners help fuel our mission and the fruit of a gift leads to life transformation!


Contact us to learn more about how to get your church
involved with Oliver Gospel.

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