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If You or a Loved One Need Help

Get Help

Are you experiencing extreme poverty, homelessness, or struggling with addiction? Are you ready to take the next step on your journey and receive quality emotional, spiritual, and physical support in a loving environment?  Click one of the options below to learn more about what we can do to help.

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Emergency Services

Our 24/7 Emergency Services are provided at 1100 Taylor Street in downtown Columbia. Use the buttons below to learn more specifically about each of the services we provide. 

"Thank you for not giving up on me. I didn't know where I would find a meal tonight."

- Theo, a Refresh guest

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If you or someone you know is in need of a meal, our nightly dinner is open to the entire community. 

Overnight Shelter

Need to stay at our overnight shelter? Click below to find out how.

Guest Services

Want to learn more about our guest services? Click the button below to learn.

Chapel Services

Want to learn more about our chapel services? Click the button below to learn.


If you are stuck in a cycle of addiction or poverty, we encourage you to reach out to apply for our Recovery Program where you can receive the support and hope you need.

"Having somebody listen to your story, listen to where you are coming from, to know that they are here with you. You are not by yourself. To see the men going through the program like I did, I don’t feel so alone now."

- Jimmy P., Recovery Program Graduate 

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The Recovery Program consists of: 


Life skills courses

Career/job prep

Bible study groups

Dormitory Style Housing

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Case management

Goals of the Recovery Program

The four main goals of the program are to see long-term change in the following areas:

1) Overcoming Destructive Habits

Drug and alcohol abuse, poor financial decisions, unhealthy relationships and other destructive habits can cause anyone to think a “new life” is out of reach. Our goal is to see Recovery Program participants like you transformed by overcoming destructive habits. By immersing yourself in the program, you will receive the help you need and experience victory over life-draining behaviors.

2) Maintaining Healthy Community

In the Recovery Program, you will learn to build and maintain healthy community relationships. These relationships encourage accountability and foster continued productive participation in society.

3) Maintaining Sustainable, Full-Time Employment or Equivalent Income

As you advance through the program and pursue financial goals you set alongside Mission staff, you will eventually obtain sustainable, full-time employment or equivalent income.

4) Providing For Sustainable Housing

Finally, the ultimate goal of the Recovery Program is to see each participant graduate and provide for their own sustainable housing needs.

Time Considerations

Men, over the age of 18 

No record of sex offenses or violent criminal charges 

Willingness to submit to random drug and alcohol testing 

Serious about transforming their own life 

Willingness and physical ability to do work 

The first 30 days is for our guests to acclimate to our program schedule and guidelines through fitness, fellowship, and service. The next three phases of programming last 6-12 months. Depending on the guest’s progress, they can stay up to six months in our Career Phase while working, saving, and following Oliver Gospel’s Resident Guidelines. The Recovery Program can take up to 6-12 months to complete.

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Struggling with addiction & ready to get help? Contact our Connections Manager at (803) 254-6470 ext. 1020 or

Transitional Programs

We provide temporary housing, life development skills, and emotional support for men, women, and women with children experiencing poverty and homelessness. Upon exit, our residents will gain stable employment and housing, setting themselves up for a bright future.

"To me, Toby's Place is place is a place to come to when you are broken and you want to transform your life."

- Sharon W., Toby's Place Graduate

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Men who are experiencing poverty or homelessness due to unemployment and other unforeseen life circumstances can receive shelter, food, and resources to enable them to plan and pursue a future of hope and stability.

Toby's Place

Women with or without children who are in need of restabilizing their life are encouraged to go through programming at Toby's Place to receive support and guidance in re-establishing their lives.

Toby's Place does not have an Addiction Recovery or Emergency Shelter program, but refer to this sheet for recommendations. If you need more assistance, contact our Connections Manager at (803) 254-6470 ext. 1020 or

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