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Meet Ollie

Ollie is Oliver Gospel's lovable mascot who, like you, is a partner in bringing hope to those in need in Columbia. The furriest volunteer at Oliver Gospel, Ollie the Bear is a jubilant, caring part of our family. Ollie has a BIG heart and passion for those experiencing homelessness. He's incredibly active, lighthearted, friendly, approachable, LOVES people, music, dancing, and Jesus. You may spot him at community events, parades, fundraisers, and more! 

Ollie's Corner Logo.png

We believe it is so important to engage and educate the whole family on poverty and homelessness. Ollie loves sharing and teaching. He wants to teach families and children how to care for those experiencing homelessness in our community. Ollie's Corner provides activities and discussion questions that parents can use with their kids to spark conversation on these topics, so that the next generation is equipped to continue the work of transformation in Columbia for years to come!


How Can I Meet Ollie?


Request a visit from Ollie here!

Ollie occasionally will show his friendly face on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so be sure to follow us at @OliverGospel to not miss out!

Ollie will make an appearance at most Oliver Gospel events, as well as some community events, such as parades, grand openings, and fundraisers. If you are hosting an event, request an Ollie appearance!

If you are a church or school and would like to schedule Ollie for a visit at your church event or school program, click here!

If your child hosts a donation drive or does a school project on Oliver Gospel, request a photo and Certificate of Kindness from Ollie!

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