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Shelter From the Storm

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Anthony wrapped his worn coat tighter as he glanced anxiously up at the storm clouds rolling in above him. It was going to be a long, cold, rainy night. His back was already aching from his “bed,” a park bench in the middle of downtown. As he drifted off to sleep, he prayed, Lord, please protect me from this storm.

When he woke up, his fingers and toes were so stiff from the cold that he could barely feel them. Through bleary eyes, he saw large tree limbs and debris scattered around him. Not a single branch touched him. He couldn’t believe it—God had answered his prayer. In the most unexpected way, God had provided shelter.

Several months later, Anthony found himself waking up in a hospital bed with nurses hovering over him, coaxing him to breathe. How did he get here? Yet again, God had rescued and preserved his life. But why?

Anthony battled drug addiction. It was why he spent winter on the park bench, struggled to sustain a job, and ended up in the hospital. He felt hopeless. As he lay in the hospital room, reality sank in. God had protected him for a purpose – a purpose he had been ignoring for years. Right there, Anthony resolved to change his life.

He learned about Oliver Gospel while he was in the hospital. As soon as he was well, he began our recovery program, designed to educate, equip, and support men, leading to recovery from addiction.

Today, Anthony is sober. He is learning how to study his Bible, hungry for the truth it holds. Where he once felt overtaken by the storms of life, he now has peace. Through coaching and classes, Anthony is equipped to make wise decisions. He leans on the positive community at Oliver Gospel for accountability and support.

“Oliver Gospel gave me a fighting chance for a new life. If it wasn’t for Oliver Gospel, I would have been dead.”

Anthony is looking to his future with hope and faith; hope to become a positive light for his family, friends, and coworkers, and faith that God never fails in sheltering us from the storm.

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