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Time to Thrive: Linda's Graduation

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Linda Davis, affectionately known as "Ms. Linda" to all the staff and residents at our center for women and children, Toby's Place, moved in and started our program several months ago.

She had been living with her daughter in a trailer home, but at her age, she struggled to not have anything to call her own. Linda experienced tremendous loss in her past. Filled with grief and loneliness, Linda struggled to keep up with the basic things in life.

Then, when she felt like she couldn't go any lower, both her older and younger sisters passed away suddenly in a span of two years. The pain was unbearable. Linda lost all hope and joy. She couldn't see why God would take away her loved ones and leave her like this.

It was raining hard on the day that Linda called Oliver Gospel. As she sat on the bed with her phone in her hand, her finger trembled as she dialed the number. She didn't know what to expect.

When the Connections Manager picked up the phone, Linda felt a little relief. Maybe she could do this.

Before she knew it, Linda was walking into her new bedroom at Toby's Place.

"I felt like I was home. It felt like a burden was lifted off my shoulders."

Linda knew about God, but through Bible studies, Christian counseling, and a community of believers at Toby's Place and Calvery Chapel, Linda watched her faith grow strong and bold.

On October 26th, Linda graduated from Toby's Place and moved into an apartment of her own. She has grown in strength and dignity. She walks closely with the Lord and is no longer afraid. While there is still pain in her past, she does not let that pain overcome her. She is truly thriving.

You can help more women like Linda get the support and resources they need to get back on their feet. Donate to Toby's Place today.


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