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"I Got My Shine Back": Robert's Story

Robert risked everything just to make ends meet for his family. The community he discovered at Oliver Gospel finally brought him peace.

Robert standing outside Oliver Gospel Mission.

Cereal, cheese, peanut butter... That’s all Robert had to eat growing up. His family did their best to provide, but the dangers around him made each day difficult.

“We were in the streets around drugs, addicts, and shootings. People were selling drugs, taking your stuff. It was hard growing up.”

Robert outside in the cold weather.

Desperate for food and shelter, Robert began selling drugs to make ends meet. Selling led to using, and using led to more pain and heartache than he ever imagined.

His addiction strained relationships with his family, and selling drugs sent him to prison for 10 years. Upon his release, Robert was uncertain where he would fit into society. He began to slip back into his addictive ways until his brother encouraged him to get help.

“I wasn’t thinking about what it was doing to me. My brother saw that it was wearing me down. He called the Connections Center and set up a meeting.”

When he arrived at Oliver Gospel, Robert discovered there was so much more than just an overnight shelter program. He was greeted by a smiling staff member who offered him a meal, fresh clothes, and all the supplies he needed to settle in.

“They were willing to help me, and they showed me love. That first week, I realized I could do it.”

After gaining sobriety and stability, Robert began learning about the Lord. After spending so many years on the streets, the sense of community he felt at Oliver Gospel brought joy and excitement to his life.

Robert smiling at Oliver Gospel.

With Jesus’ love in his heart, Robert thrived in classes and counseling. He began regularly attending church and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings while continuing to bond with his life coaches and other residents.

“I didn’t know people could be that loving. I got my life back together. I got my shine back. I have God in my life.”

Today, Robert is working full time doing maintenance for a local church. He remains committed to his sobriety and would like to mentor future guests who enroll in Oliver Gospel’s recovery program.

“Oliver Gospel will set your life straight, but you’ve got to want it. This program will change your life.”

Thanks to generous people like you, Robert has hope for his future.

Generous donors like you make Oliver Gospel’s programming possible, and Robert is thankful for your support. It costs just $2.17 to provide a meal for one of our guests. Donate today and show others just like Robert how much you care.

Hear Robert's story in his own words:

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