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Community of Hope: Marra's Story

"I still have wounds, but now they're more like a beautiful scar."

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Marra surrounded by staff members at Toby's Place.

Marra’s newborn son means everything to her. When a judge said she would lose custody of him because of her addiction, she was devastated. As that reality swept through her mind, she reflected on how she had got here.

Marra first became homeless at age 16 after escaping an abusive situation. With no community to support her, Marra battled addiction, a miscarriage, and chronic homelessness for the next ten years. She was lonely. No one was there for her when she needed it most.

“I didn’t think there was going to be anything better for me. I didn’t think I was better than that lifestyle.”

She began to pray. She had to prove she could take care of her new baby boy or face losing custody of him. The thought of losing another child was too much to bear alone. She needed people to support and encourage her, so Marra got to work and enrolled in a recovery program.

In recovery, Marra sought God through Scripture and prayer. The staff noticed her strong faith, and when she finished the program, they recommended her to a Christ-centered community where she would thrive: Toby’s Place.

Marra at Toby's Place

Marra’s hopes soared when she took that first step through the door. Toby’s Place was more beautiful than she imagined. Everyone’s face lit up with a smile and greeted her with joy.

She settled into Toby’s Place quickly. Her faith continued to grow, and her peers uplifted her spirits with their love, care, and support. She learned important lessons about overcoming trauma, creating boundaries, and setting goals for the future. She thanked God for hearing her prayers.

Marra was supported and encouraged in all areas of life by the staff and residents at Toby’s Place. She made lifelong friends, worked towards her GED, and was baptized at her new home church! When Marra graduated from Toby’s Place, there were many tearful hugs as the women celebrated how far Marra had come.

"I love learning about the Lord and nurturing my relationship with Him. I've really found who I am at Toby's Place."

Today, Marra continues to grow and thrive. She is working full-time and saving to move into permanent housing. She is grateful for God’s faithfulness to heal her past and excited for what He has in store next.

Marra at her graduation from Toby's Place

Her transformation was made possible by partners like you, who support a spiritual community that gave her the support she needed to thrive.

A donation of just $12.50 provides a full day of classes, care, and meals for a woman like Marra, and $9,000 will see one woman through the entire program.

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