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Finding My Faith: Courtney's Story

Trusting in the Lord did not come easy for Courtney, but the love she received at Toby's Place moved her heart closer to God.


Courtney battled her addiction for years. Trapped in an abusive relationship, she turned to drugs to numb the pain, but the substance abuse prevented her from caring for her child.

“I tried to leave, but I didn’t have the resources to do so. My family relationships were strained, and I was alone. It was a cycle I couldn’t get out of.”

She tried multiple times to get clean. Eventually, she realized her methods were not working. If she wanted to overcome her addiction, she needed to change her mind and heart. She again enrolled in a recovery program, determined to make this time different from the others.

One day, Courtney asked her peer support specialist how she found peace in recovery. “It would not be possible without God,” the specialist replied. Courtney didn’t believe in God growing up, but her struggles had become too much to bear on her own.

A fellow member of her recovery program had just enrolled at Toby’s Place, so the transformational program for women and children was fresh on her mind.

Courtney praying at Toby's Place

“I got down on my knees and prayed, and everything kept pointing to Toby’s Place.”

When she arrived at the facility after enrolling herself, she was blown away by the warm welcome she received. The staff greeted her with a smile. The building was beautiful. Her room was spacious, with fresh sheets, hygiene items, and even a teddy bear.

“I was nervous about coming to a new place, but I could immediately see that all my needs were thought of before I even got here.”

Courtney promised herself she would go above and beyond to change her life; the classes and counseling gave her a chance to do that. Her confidence soared as her relationship with her family began to heal, and she remained committed to her recovery. She was only beginning to experience the fruits of a life walking with God.

Today, Courtney is over 15 months clean and works full-time. She remembers the spiritual guidance that encouraged her to strengthen her faith and plans to pay that forward to future residents at Toby’s Place.

Courtney working on her own artwork at Toby's Place

“I was healed, and I grew my relationship with God. I wouldn’t be able to do that without Toby’s Place.”

Toby’s Place wouldn’t be able to serve Courtney without people like you, who faithfully help those struggling to start on the road to a new life. For just $12.50, you can provide a full day of care for a hurting neighbor and make life transformation possible.

Hear Courtney's story in her own words:

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