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A Second Chance: Lindsay's Story

You never know when you're going to take your last breath. Lindsay almost faced that reality, but God was not done working miracles in her life.

Lindsay couldn’t believe she was alive. She had just awoken from a coma, even though the doctors told her family she was unlikely to survive. Her memory was fuzzy, but she was here.

When she was six, Lindsay’s parents divorced and abandoned her. They sent her to a group home, a lonely place to grow up. She went to college but dropped out when her daughter, Riley, came along. She raised Riley on her own for years, never truly finding consistent housing or income for her little family. Hopelessness settled in.

Then came the illness that nearly ended her life. Lindsay was scared for her and her daughter. What would happen to Riley if she died?

After she awoke from her coma and began to recover, Lindsay felt hope for the first time. When she was released from the hospital, she called Toby’s Place.

“Before I got sick, I believed in God, but I wasn’t living for God. I think He gave me a second chance to get my life back on track and have more faith in Him.”

Lindsay’s faith continued to grow after arriving at Toby’s Place. She learned to manage her time, set goals, and create boundaries. She attended counseling and began to express her emotions through art, music, and exercise. Through daily bible studies and classes, her faith grew.

Lindsay and Riley are thriving. The community surrounding her gives her the love and care she was neglected as a child. Her faith has grown tremendously, and Riley has a safe, stable environment. After finishing the program, Lindsay began working full-time and saving for permanent housing. She dreams of returning to school to finish her degree.

“Toby’s Place gave me the willingness and determination to keep going, and I’m proud of sticking to it and completing the program!”

A donation of just $25 to Toby’s Place can provide immediate hope for someone in need. Donate today!

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