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Oliver Gospel Mission Announces the Appointment of 3 New Board Members

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

October 28, 2022

For over 100 years, compassionate, faith-filled, and servant-hearted leaders have guided the mission and vision at Oliver Gospel Mission. Oliver Gospel Mission recently appointed three new members to its board: Allyson Bartley, CPA, Michael Strange, and Police Chief Chris Cowan. The total number of board members is now fourteen.

Executive Director Travis McNeal, Board Chairman Steve Lansburg, and the rest of the board of directors are excited as Oliver Gospel continues seeing faithful individuals offering their skills, insight, and time so that Oliver Gospel can continue providing second chances and opportunities for growth and sharing the love of Christ.

“Oliver Gospel greatly values the commitment, experience, heart, and passion that is reflected in its Board Members. We are SO excited to have three new individuals joining the Oliver Gospel team in serving our community together through the power of Christ’s love,” says McNeal.

Allyson Bartley is an expert in public accounting, working as a trusted advisor at Bauknight, Pietras, and Stormer. She seeks to set a good example to others, including her children, through her service with Oliver Gospel Mission.

“I think a helping hand and a kind heart at a needed time can change lives,” says Bartley.

Michael Strange, the Executive Vice President of Community and Public Development at Security Federal Bank, is passionate about providing affordable housing and resources to those in need. He says,

“Everyone deserves to have a safe place to live…I want to lend my talent, knowledge, and passion to help as many people as possible be successful.”

Chris Cowan, Police Chief for the City of Cayce, has served in law enforcement for 29 years. He is well-versed in both knowledge and experience of policing, professional development, and community crime prevention, among many other things. His presence on Oliver Gospel Mission's Board of Directors will bring a new understanding of the community the Mission serves. When asked why he wants to serve on this board, Cowan said,

“Compassion and action for and on behalf of the vulnerable is the cornerstone of great law enforcement services. The Oliver Gospel Mission has set the standard for service above self for 134 years and I am truly honored to have been invited to be on the Board of Directors. Homelessness must be taken seriously, and it takes everyone to provide for those in need. In turn, this will provide avenues for counseling, recovery, and careers.”


Oliver Gospel Mission is a community-based, Christian mission that helps those experiencing homelessness, poverty, or addiction transform their lives through physical, spiritual, and relational to lead full, healthy lives.

Through our Men's Center, Women and Children’s center named Toby's Place, and our social enterprises, we provide Biblically-based, holistic rehabilitation, transitional housing, and career development, always aiming for permanent housing and solid community for each person who comes through our doors.


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