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An Update on Transportation Scholarships

Updated: Dec 2, 2022


When residents like Desmond and Talaya have reached a certain point in their healing through our programs, they are ready to seek out employment.


But without a car or even the money to afford a ride-share or taxi service, how do they get to their job?

And if they don’t have a job, how will they ever save enough to buy a car?

This is the difficult cycle experienced by most of our residents and often prolongs the ultimate goal of moving into permanent housing.

But there is a way out of the cycle. Oliver Gospel created the Transportation Scholarship, a program that provides Uber gift cards to applicants for 3 months’ worth of transportation to and from jobs with real, sustainable potential. Since launching in January, we have awarded six scholarships to our residents, and in one case, a recipient was able to save enough to afford a car of his own!

This is where you come in.

As our devoted supporters, we are dedicated to sharing how we use your donations and presenting real, tangible needs that you can meet. This is an obstacle that won’t be resolved without your help.

Will you be a part of the solution?


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