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Midlands Gives 2022: One Call Transforms Lives!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Midlands Gives is an annual community giving day that celebrates and funds the work of local nonprofits. And this year, every dollar given by you to Oliver Gospel will be DOUBLED up to $50,000. Your gift will go towards helping people like Kathy.

Kathy, a single mother and grandmother, was living with her son and daughter in law as the primary caretaker for her grandchildren. She had also been struggling for years with substance abuse, which she knew was an unhealthy way to deal with her past painful circumstances. She was in a stable, happy season of life, until her son decided to move away, leaving Kathy with nowhere to stay but a lonely hotel room and a future filled with fear.

Her time at the hotel was running out. With nowhere to go and no friend to lean on, she called The Oliver Gospel Connections Center. This center is Oliver Gospel’s hub for people like Kathy. Its purpose is for men and women to be heard, find a friend, and hope for their circumstances by being connected to local resources. These connections vary from available housing to local resources providing job training, to legal aid and healthcare services. Most importantly, we refer our guests to their next step in life-long transformation.

After speaking with our Connections Manager, Kathy was accepted and moved into Toby’s Place. Shortly after moving in, her younger son passed away from a drug overdose. Kathy recalls, “I thank God I was at Toby’s Place when I lost my son because I had a strong support system that would not let me fall into old coping habits as I grieved his death."

"Toby’s Place means everything to me.”

Today, Kathy has been sober for more than one year. She is a spunky and gentle soul who now gives back to ladies like her as a Residential Assistant for women experiencing sudden homelessness. Her story continues to impact the lives of those in our community.

With your help in reaching our $125,000 campaign goal, we expect to give out 1,500 referrals to those in need this year. These referrals are the first step to safe shelter, warm meals, and vital relationships that transform the lives of those experiencing homelessness in the Midlands. Because of your gift, women like Kathy and men like Terry (pictured on the right) will be connected to life-changing resources. DON’T FORGET on May 3rd, every dollar is matched UP TO $50,000 by Jim Hudson Automotive!

Give TODAY at through May 3rd!


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