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Dedication in Action

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Andy and Beth Jordan visiting our coffee shop
"It's one thing to know about a ministry like Oliver Gospel ... it's another thing to connect with it."

Meet the Jordans.

Andy and Beth Jordan grew up in Columbia and, like many of us, learned as kids about helping those in need by seeing the dinner line outside Oliver Gospel. In college, Andy continued to see homelessness in his community and wanted to help. He reached out to Oliver Gospel and found that working together changes the whole community.

Beth too was burdened for those without a home, especially the women we serve. As a former DSS case manager, she had walked with countless women struggling for safety and support while they worked to reunite with their children. She was encouraged to see Toby’s Place meeting those needs. The Jordans found a place for their dedication by partnering with Oliver Gospel, who was there from the start.

Today, the Jordans are part of our Champions Society (our monthly donor club) and faithfully serve together. They love meeting our guests and listening to their stories because these connections break down stereotypes about those experiencing homelessness.

"It's human nature to be judgmental towards others when you don't know their story. Everyone makes bad choices, but by the grace of God, that's not the end of our stories."

Andy and Beth's dedication to Oliver Gospel comes from their faithfulness to God. Their heart for our community is founded on John 14:18, "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." Whether it is listening to guest stories, attending an event, or volunteering, the Jordans’ dedication inspires us all to engage and transform lives together.

What inspires you to be dedicated?


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