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A Life Restored: Dillon's Journey Out of Homelessness

How a former guest is giving back to Oliver Gospel

Dillon (far left) poses for a picture with four current guests at Oliver Gospel
Dillon (far left) was once a guest at Oliver Gospel. Now, he returns to connect with current guests and encourage them on their journey.

Dillon still finds it hard to believe where he is now.

Five years ago, he was homeless and suffering from addiction, living on the streets with no idea where his next meal would come from. Today, he is the general manager of a local business, a physical trainer, and a firm believer in the power of Christ’s love. 


“I came out on the other side. I take care of myself. I'm self-sufficient. I'm independent. I work. I pay my own bills. I'm a leader.” 


Dillon didn’t always think about himself that way. He spent nearly 20 years addicted to alcohol and hard drugs, bouncing between jobs and living situations, and burning bridges with loved ones around him. The habits eventually caught up to him, and he spent over a year experiencing literal homelessness, sleeping under bridges and going in and out of jail. 


“Before I came to Oliver Gospel, none of my family would have me more than a couple of days. I couldn't really stay anywhere longer than a couple of weeks without blowing it” 


A family friend referred Dillon to Oliver Gospel. Stepping away from the habits that had consumed his entire life was challenging, but if he didn’t act now, there was no telling how much longer he could continue to live that lifestyle. 


Dillon enrolled in our Recovery program, committing to 12 months of work on himself, his mind, and his heart. The transition was difficult, but he soon began seeing the fruits of his effort pay off.  


He enjoyed his work therapy assignments, helping do laundry for other guests at the Mission and preparing meals at dinner time. He got involved with a local church. He became passionate about physical fitness through F3, a group that volunteers to lead workout sessions for our guests each weekend. 


“I really took away the importance of structure. Those daily habits, everything from reading a devotional to making sure that your bed's made before you go about your day.” 


The habits Dillon learned at Oliver Gospel translated into success after he finished the program. He took a job at a local car wash, working his way up to a general manager position. He received physical training certifications while staying at the Mission, and he has since started training his own clients. 


Dillon now often returns to the Mission as a graduate, reconnecting with the staff that guided him on his journey and encouraging current guests on their own.  


“I know their struggle. I want them to see somebody that's been through what they've been through and know that they can get out of it.” 


Your generosity is the reason Oliver Gospel can celebrate the success of our graduates. We need your help in continuing that legacy! Leave a gift today, and you too can help our guests achieve incredible life transformation!

Hear Dillon's story in his own words:

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