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A Fresh Look

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Last week a group of young men from the University of South Carolina worked to clean out the alleyway behind the Men's Center.

The men in our programs use this alleyway to access our courtyard. For over a year, there was a build-up of debris, making it unsightly and difficult to use.

Thanks to the hard work of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the alley is clean and clear!

We are so grateful not only for the work they put into this project but for the example that they are setting for their peers. They prove that it doesn't matter what your stage of life is or how much income you have. We all can be generous in some way - with time, talents, or treasure.

If projects like this sound like something you want to do, let us know! Or if you are interested in other ways to help those in need, check out our Get Involved tab on our website.

To chat with someone about how to get involved, call (803) 254-6470 ext. 1200 or email

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