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Oliver Gospel's 12 Days of Christmas

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we're counting down the days by showing the ways your gifts are changing lives right here in the Midlands.

Oliver Gospel guests opening their Christmas presents
Oliver Gospel guests opening their Christmas presents

On the first day of Christmas, I received a fresh, hot meal!

Overnight guests at Oliver Gospel receive a nutritious breakfast and dinner, while also participating in evening Chapel services and having access to our community resources.

An Oliver Gospel guest eating a fresh, hot meal

On the second day of Christmas, I was given a safe place to sleep!

In addition to the beds at our Men's Center and Toby's Place, Oliver Gospel clears out our dining hall and fills it with extra beds to help even more neighbors in need when the temperature drops below freezing.

On the third day of Christmas, I received a winter coat!

Thanks to our Thrift Store and community relationships, our guests regularly receive new, high-quality clothing to help them feel their best. Each graduate of Oliver Gospel's program receives a voucher from our Thrift Store to fill their new home with items!

On the fourth day of Christmas, I received a winter care package!

Care packages are an easy and efficient way to help our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Fill a gallon-sized bag with essential toiletry items like soap, toothpaste, or deodorant, then bring it by the Mission, where we will distribute them to those in need who come to our doors.

On the fifth day of Christmas, I received 5 Daily Bus Passes!

There is a common misconception that those experiencing homelessness are also unemployed. Many guests staying in Oliver Gospel's 30-Day Emergency Shelter attend jobs during the day. For those who enroll in our long-term programming, finding stable employment is required to complete program curriculum. Daily bus passes are an essential item our guests and residents need to assure they have a reliable method of transportation to get to work.

On the sixth day of Christmas, I received counseling & therapy!

Homelessness is a difficult experience, and many of those who find themselves homeless often come from broken or traumatic backgrounds. Our Mission strives to meet the holistic needs of everyone who comes through our doors, and attending counseling and therapy are critical steps to healing an entire individual and breaking old habits. 

On the seventh day of Christmas, I found a loving & spiritual family!

A lack of positive community ties or relationships can play a critical factor in an individual experiencing homelessness. Oliver Gospel welcomes and uplifts everyone who comes through our doors. Whether our guests are connecting with staff, members of a church, community partners, or other residents, we want all of those we serve to know that they are not alone.

On the eighth day of Christmas, I attended a new church!

Oliver Gospel is motivated by our faith to serve as Christ would serve. Faith is incorporated into many aspects of our programming, and guests are constantly encouraged by the word of the Lord. Our residents attend church service weekly, and finding a home church following completion of programming is strongly encouraged.

On the ninth day of Christmas, I received my driver's license!

Some individuals experiencing homelessness do not have access to essential documents needed to function in society. Things like a driver's license, birth certificate, or a social security number are needed when applying for jobs, housing, or seeking healthcare. Oliver Gospel assists members of our programs in obtaining these items.

On the tenth day of Christmas, I was hired at a new job!

Job training is a key pillar of programming at Oliver Gospel. Our residents create or improve their resumes, learn to be a part of a team, and form reliable work habits. Thanks to our community relationships, many employers are eager to hire our residents once they complete the required curriculum.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, I found a new home!

Once a resident finds employment, they are required to save their income for safe and reliable housing. Program curriculum teaches sustainable spending habits, and our residents are encouraged to find a housing situation that surrounds themselves with a community of good influences. Program graduates are given a spending voucher at the Oliver Gospel Thrift Store, where they can shop for items to fill their new home.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, I found hope for my future!

By meeting the holistic needs of our residents and encouraging them through the power of Christ's love, Oliver Gospel strives to transform the lives of those experiencing homelessness in the Midlands for good. Your generosity and kindness make all of it possible. Thank you for showing our neighbors in need how much you care!

Thank you for following Oliver Gospel's 12 Days of Christmas list!


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