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Oliver Gospel Board of Directors Unanimously Appoints Interim Executive Director

New Oliver Gospel Interim Executive Director Dr. Marlo Brayboy
Dr. Marlo Brayboy was unanimously approved by Oliver Gospel's Board of Directors to serve as Interim Executive Director on Thursday, March 21.

On Friday, March 1st, former Oliver Gospel Executive Director Travis McNeal stepped down from his position to pursue new opportunities.

McNeal, who originally joined the Mission in 2020, will continue to work with Oliver Gospel’s Board of Directors in a supportive and consulting role as the Mission seeks its next leader.

Dr. Marlo Brayboy
Dr. Marlo Brayboy

Oliver Gospel’s Board of Directors unanimously approved Dr. Marlo Brayboy to serve as the Mission’s Interim Executive Director while the search for a replacement is conducted.

Marlo currently serves as the Mission’s Director of Quality and Innovation, overseeing programs at the Men’s Center and Toby’s Place, and he brings over 15 years of military and academic leadership to the position.



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