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Beating the Heat Together

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Residents from our recovery program enjoy sno-balls and fellowship

July 6th, 2022 - Columbia, SC: Oliver Gospel is providing much needed respite from the intense heat for our community experiencing homelessness. For the first three Thursdays in the month of July, from 12:30-1:30 PM, Oliver Gospel will be handing out ice water, cool towels, and sno-balls to the community at their dining facility on the corner of Taylor and Assembly Streets.

Pelican’s Sno-Balls will be generously partnering with Oliver Gospel for the third year in a row, scooping out dozens of frozen treats to those in need.

Columbia is known for its high temperatures and humidity this time of year, and for those who are houseless, there is often little relief from the heat.

“Columbia summers are brutal,” says Executive Director, Travis McNeal. “In times of need, we want to do everything we can to show we care. Providing cold water and a cooler place to sit gives us the opportunity to get to know members of the community. These conversations often lead to more than water – they lead to HOPE for a brighter future.”

Beat The Heat was originally born out of a desire to serve the community during the pandemic, when many buildings were inaccessible. Today, Oliver Gospel’s Beat The Heat events continue to serve the community by providing refreshing drinks and shelter while connecting those in need with support and resources for hope and transformation.

To learn more about Beat The Heat, click here.

Mindy Jamison chatting with an overnight guest in the courtyard

About Oliver Gospel Mission

Oliver Gospel is a community-based mission that helps those experiencing homelessness, poverty, or addiction transform their lives through physical, spiritual, and relational support so that they can lead full, healthy lives.

Through our Men's Center, Toby's Place (center for women and children), and our social enterprises, we provide holistic rehabilitation, transitional housing, and career development, always aiming for permanent housing and solid community for each person who comes through our doors.

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