Men's Center

Serving Columbia Since 1888

At the Men's Center, we provide food for men and women experiencing homelessness on a daily basis, as well as emergency shelter for men that are currently homeless. 

We also have two long term life development programs, as well as an addiction recovery program. Our goal is to help those vulnerable to homelessness gain the motivation and skills they need to acquire long term housing and employment.

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The Facts

Nearly ONE in five homeless adults are chronically homeless (12 consecutive months without shelter)

On one given night in Richland County, there were 752 individuals experiencing homelessness.

Most common reasons for homelessness are: generational poverty, lack of affordable housing, job loss, mental or physical disability, or substance abuse.

Our Programs


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A 30-day program where men are shown Christ’s transforming love by receiving a bed, meals and encouragement from God’s word.


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A 6-month Christ Centered program that assists men in finding housing by providing financial and employment skills.


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A year long Christ centered program that assists men addicted to drugs and alcohol. Transformed by Christ’s love to live a clean, sober and abundant life.

Our Refresh program provided:

  • 837,414 Hot Meals

  • 338,044 Nights of shelter

In our Rebuild program 1,500 men received:

  • food and shelter

  • chapel services

  • resume building and job skills

  • one-on-one discipleship

In our Recovery program 3,724 men received:

  • Counseling sessions

  • Bible studies

  • tools to stay sober

  • food & shelter

  • life & job skills

  • access to a supportive community