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IRA Gifts

Did you know that a gift from your IRA could help you save on your taxes and transform lives? 

If you are 70 ½ years old or older, you can leave a powerful legacy of lives transformed with a gift from your Investment Retirement Account (IRA) to Oliver Gospel Mission.

A gift from your IRA to Oliver Gospel Mission may qualify for your required minimum distribution (RMD)! In fact, you can make a Qualified Charitable Distribution from your IRA up to $100,000 per year. You can find more detailed information by downloading this helpful document.

Consider establishing a one-time gift, monthly gift, or quarterly gift from your IRA simply by following the steps below.  

Just 2 Steps to Donate From Your IRA 

Step 1) Notify your custodian or financial institution 

It’s simple to complete your IRA donation. Contact your IRA Custodian or financial institution and direct them on your intent to donate a distribution to Oliver Gospel Mission. EIN: 57-6027750

Step 2) Contact us at Oliver Gospel Mission

Let us know about your intent to donate from your IRA! This will help us ensure that proper crediting occurs and learn about how you would like the funds designated. We also would love to hear the inspiration behind your giving and communicate the impact it will have personally.



Contact Kristy, at (803) 254-6470 ext. 1110 or send an email to learn more about how a gift from your IRA could save you on your taxes and transform lives with the power of Christ’s love!

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Kristy McLellan​ | Director of Development
(803) 254-6470 ext. 1110

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