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Donate Stock

The Benefits

There are tremendous benefits to donating stocks, especially when dealing with highly appreciated stocks! Stock donations leave a lasting legacy that impacts men, women, and children experiencing homelessness. 

Some benefits include:

  • No capital gains tax on stock donated to Oliver Gospel

  • Full value of stock at time of donation is tax-deductible 

  • Donations of Stocks, Bonds, and most Mutual Funds are accepted by Oliver Gospel

Many donors choose to donate highly appreciated stock to Oliver Gospel, as there is no capital gains tax and donors can deduct the full value of the stock at time of donation. 

How to Donate Stock

Provide your financial advisor or broker with the following information:

  • Oliver Gospel’s Broker: Merrill Lynch

  • Financial Consultant: Dee Bundick

  • Consultant Phone Number: (803) 733-2140

  • Account Name: Oliver Gospel Mission

  • Account Number: 726-04164

  • DTC: 8862

If you are planning on donating stock or have a transfer already underway, contact us to notify us so that we can confirm proper crediting of the donation of stock.


Contact Nicholas to learn more about how a donation of stock or bonds can help you with your taxes and transform lives through the power of Christ’s love!

Nicholas Charalambous.png

Nicholas Charalambous | Donor Relations Officer

(864) 372-9586

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