Midlands Gives is an online event that brings the region together as one community, raising money and awareness for local nonprofits in 11 Midlands counties. And this year, every dollar given by YOU to Oliver Gospel will be DOUBLED by Jim Hudson Automotive up to $50,000! 

We want to raise $100,000 this year through Midlands Gives. This money will go toward our new Jim Hudson Connections Center that will connect more individuals in need with direct resources in the Midlands. Resources that help people like Dustin.

A Columbia native, Dustin owned a successful retail shop shortly after he graduated from High School. He then enlisted in the Marines Corps where he spent four years serving our country. After leaving the service at 22, Dustin started drinking heavily and ended up living out of his truck. He would work during the day, walk to his car parked in the parking lot, drink the night away until he dozed, and woke up to do it all over again.




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Six months was a long time to be living like that. He was staying in our Refresh program when one of our staff members connected him to our Recovery program to help him battle his alcohol addiction. His time in our Refresh program opened the door for him to receive stable, life-transforming, long-term help from Oliver Gospel.

“I now hate the things I used to like doing.”

Dustin lives out this repentance every day as he chooses to follow Jesus instead of alcohol. Six months later, Dustin continues in sobriety, learning to live in freedom from his addiction, and entering our program’s Career Phase. He begins his new job at Home Depot this month!

With your help in reaching our goal, we expect to give out over 1,200 referrals to those coming to our doors in need. Because of your gift, men like Dustin will be connected to life-changing resources.

By giving to Oliver Gospel through the Midlands Gives site, you give us a better chance of being selected for additional monetary prizes, incentives, and bonus pools from the sponsors of Midlands Gives.