The Mission

1100 Taylor Street


Recovery Program

A 4 Phase Program

The Recovery Program is a 4-phase program designed to help men addicted to drugs and/or alcohol escape those addictions. It is our aim to assist these men in being transformed into successful, recovered, productive members of the community. The curriculum for the Recovery Program includes Bible studies, addiction recovery classes, and one-on-one meetings with a certified counselor.  Guests are also aided in developing their resumes and preparing for interviews as they enter the later phases of the program.  Literacy classes as well as GED preparation and testing are also available if needed. Oliver Gospel is focused on a recovery relevant, biblical-based program to help facilitate life transformation.  The ultimate aim is to see the participants find jobs that enable them to find a stable place to live and lead self-sustaining, responsible lives. A man is only considered a graduate of the Recovery Program when he has:

  • Completed all phases of the program.

  • Obtained employment enabling him to be financially independent.

  • Obtained stable living arrangements which can be sustained.

  • Is actively saving money.

  • Become involved in a healthy local church.

An aftercare program is offered to willing participants who have completed the Recovery Program. A staff person connects with the men on a regular basis for encouragement and to continue the education process as they face life’s daily trials. For more information or to apply for the Recovery Program, visit Oliver Gospel at 1100 Taylor Street in downtown Columbia or call the Front Desk at 803.254.6470 ext. 1007. 

Hand-Up Program

"Get a job"

These words that come to mind are both a goal and a curse.  It seems as though when you have hit rock bottom, the only admonition or advice that anyone can give you is “get a job.”  But it’s not as easy as it sounds, particularly when you are struggling with homelessness.  Everything you own is in a bag on your shoulder, you don’t have anywhere to shower, and doing laundry is an impossibility.The Hand Up Program is designed to assist men in overcoming the barriers that prevent them from finding employment and escaping their homeless situation.  Participants are assigned a coach to help with resume writing, job applications, job searches, clothing for interviews, financial accountability, and saving for housing.In order to complete the program and graduate, a program participant must:Gain stable, steady employment.Obtain stable, steady living accommodations.Begin actively saving money.For more information or to apply to the program, please contact the Front Desk at 803.254.6470 ext. 1007 or visit us at 1100 Taylor Street in downtown Columbia.

Emergency Center

Doors are open 24/7

Oliver Gospel reaches out to the homeless population within the Midlands through its emergency shelter.  A hot meal is served every day at 4:30. 43 beds are available each night with an additional 32 mats available when the temperature drops below 40◦F or in the event of severe inclement weather. Men can stay for up to 30 days, provided that they return each night. After 30 days, there is a 2 week waiting period before they can re-enter into our emergency shelter program.Oliver Gospel believes in providing for those in need but in doing so, also holds strong policies to ensure all of our clients’ safety. In order to stay at the Mission please provide a picture ID and the ability to pass a breathalyzer test. We are a non-smoking, drug and alcohol free facility. Oliver Gospel also provides breakfast and dinner with chapel services being held after each. For more information, please contact the Front Desk at 803.254.6470 ext. 1007 or visit us at 1100 Taylor Street in downtown Columbia.

Toby's Place

For Women & Children


The “hidden homeless” epidemic is real, and it’s not just in a “certain part of town.”  Women–with and without children–are the fastest rising demographic of the homeless population, yet our community is largely unaware of the growing need lurking just beyond our perception. Local women’s shelter’s have to turn away 10-20 women and children a day due to lack of facilities and space.  For the women and future faces of our community, the Midlands needs additional shelters and programs that will help women and children escape homelessness now and break the vicious cycle of generational homelessness. Oliver Gospel's ministry, Toby’s Place, is helping to meet this drastic need.


For over 130 years, Oliver Gospel has provided for those in need throughout the Midlands. In 2011, Oliver Gospel saw a growing need for services in our community for women and children experiencing homelessness.  It was at this point that the vision was born for a new shelter and program to service our community’s “hidden homeless.”


Toby’s Place is a safe haven for women and children experiencing homelessness throughout the Midlands.  Our goal is to employ a holistic approach in helping women provide a sustainable life for them and their children. With the help of our generous community, Oliver Gospel has built and is operating this center with an emphasis on transforming lives through the power of Christ's love. Our goal is to break the generational homeless cycle for the women and children who walk through the doors of Toby’s Place.

Did you know 6500 Families are on the waiting list for housing in Richland County?

Did you know the typical homeless family consists of a single mother with 2 children?

Did you know more than 11,072 of SC’s children experience homelessness each year?

Did you know among homeless women, 60% have children under 18?

*All statistics taken from The National Center on Family Homelessness